Continuum Thermodynamics - Part Ii: Applications And Examples

Continuum Thermodynamics - Part Ii: Applications And Examples

Part II: Applications and Examples

Krzysztof Wilmanski, Bettina Albers


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This second part of Continuum Thermodynamics is designed to match almost one-to-one the chapters of Part I. This is done so that the reader studying thermodynamics will have a deepened understanding of the subjects covered in Part I. The aims of the book are in particular: the illustration of basic features of some simple thermodynamical models such as ideal and viscous fluids, non-Newtonian fluids, nonlinear solids, interactions with electromagnetic fields, and diffusive porous materials. A further aim is the illustration of the above subjects by examples and simple solutions of initial and boundary problems as well as simple exercises to develop skills in the construction of interdisciplinary macroscopic models.


Krzysztof Wilmanski: