Concepts In Syngas Manufacture

Concepts In Syngas Manufacture

Rostrup-nielsen Jens, Christiansen Lars J


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This book provides a general overview of syngas technologies as well as an in-depth analysis of the steam reforming process. Syngas is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon oxides which can be made from hydrocarbons, coal and biomass. It is an important intermediate in the chemical industry for manufacture of ammonia, methanol and other petrochemicals as well as hydrogen for refineries and fuel cells. Syngas is playing a growing role in the energy sector, because it can be converted into a number of important energy carriers and fuels. Syngas catalysis creates new options and flexibility in the complex energy network. The steam reforming process is the main technology today for manufacture of syngas. It is a complex intern-mingling of catalysis and heat transfer with restrictions caused by secondary phenomena such as carbon formation. Many of the principles are applicable for other gasification technologies of growing importance. Concepts of Syngas Preparation aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to this complex field of growing importance and gives a detailed analysis of the catalyst and process problems. This book also serves as an important link between science and industry by illustrating how the basic principles can be applied to solve design issues and operational problems.


Rostrup-nielsen Jens: