Organic Lasers and Organic Photonics

Organic Lasers and Organic Photonics

F J Duarte, Professor Kathleen M. Vaeth, Dr Sergei Popov, Dr. Elena Vasileva, Professor. Dr. Alfons Penzkofer


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Organic Lasers and Organic Photonics is the first book since the early 1990s to address the physics and technology of organic dye lasers and it offers insight into the vast fields of organic lasers and their applications. A fresh perspective on the world of organic dye molecules is provided, with chapters that explore optogenetics, organic laser medicine and quantum communications. Aimed at researchers and practitioners in optics, medical research and photochemical industries, that utilize optically driven chemical or biological applications, this work illuminates organic dyes and aims to incorporate the laser-related applications of organic dyes in leading areas of photonics and biophotonics. Organic sources of coherent radiation with miniaturized organic lasers and coherent semiconductor sources are also discussed.