Modern Interferometry for Length Metrology

Modern Interferometry for Length Metrology

Exploring limits and novel techniques

Professor René Schödel, Dr. Florian Pollinger, Dr. Arnold Nicolaus, Dr. Guido Bartl, Dr Thilo Schuldt


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Modern Interferometry for Length Metrology: Exploring limits and novel techniques gives an overview of refined traditional methods and novel techniques in the field of length and distance metrology. The representation of a length according to the definition of the meter in the International System of Units (SI) requires a measurement principle that establishes a relation between the travelling time of light in vacuum and the length to be measured. This comprehensive book covers the basic concepts of length metrology, sophisticated methods to reach smallest measurement uncertainties in length measurements and innovative interferometer concepts. Aimed at students, researchers and practitioners in the field, this book will provide a far-reaching audience with key data, enabling them to better apply and understand interferometry and length metrology.