Who’s at Your Table?

Who’s at Your Table?

Authentic Hospitality Stories & Recipes

Mary Louise McSparin


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One cannot help but to be drawn in as they read the personal, heartwarming stories in Who’s at Your Table? A loving venue of hospitality and meals, this book highlights an activity that the author feels few people participate in today: real, authentic, community with those around us. Who’s at Your Table? shows how lasting memories and deep relationships can happen in the setting of table time with family, neighbors and friends. Recipes complement the stories, and help give insight to each tale itself. The author includes a section of her own unforgettable dishes in the last pages that will keep the reader returning to them again and again.


Mary Louise McSparin:

The shy, smart girl who loved books and grew up in rural Hardin County, Illinois, never imagined she would one day be an author. Since that time, Mary McSparin has raised a family, and completed her college degree while working a full time job. She considers retirement a blessing as it allows much time to spend with her sweet grandchildren and pursue her gift of writing. Mary writes about the things she loves; her saving relationship with Jesus, her love of cooking and family, and her God-given desire to use meals to show hospitality and meet the needs of others. Mary is active in her local church, teaching Bible study on Sundays and looking for opportunities in which she and her husband Tom can share life with people they meet.