The Lady Alchemist

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The Lady Alchemist

Samantha Vitale


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In a land torn between magic and alchemy, Sepha is an exceptional alchemist, able to bend the rules in ways no one else can. But when a slip of the tongue lands her in prison with a mountain of straw, even she has to admit that she can’t transmute straw into gold. With the threat of a death sentence hanging over her, she’s forced to make a deal with a conniving magician.

Sepha escapes with her life—but at a cost: she has one year to alchemically create a body for the magician, or else her firstborn child will be his. As Sepha’s deadline approaches, she uncovers a deadly secret. How can she save her country when the body she owes the magician will be used to destroy it?


Samantha Vitale:

Samantha Vitale lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband and two sons. She has a BS in Applied Physics and works as a nuclear engineer: building nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines for the US Navy. Yes, she has been inside a nuclear reactor, but she promises that the green glow is faint enough to ignore.