NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare

An A-Z of Law, Practice, Funding Decisions and Challenges

Michael Mandelstam


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This authoritative guide to the law of continuing healthcare provides clarity on a contentious issue for those in long-term care: which adults are eligible for full NHS funding, as opposed to self-funded social care.

Written by seasoned legal expert Michael Mandelstam, it provides practitioners with clear information on both the letter and spirit of the law, written in an accessible style suitable for a wide range of health and social care practitioners. The book gives all the need-to-knows in a handy A-Z format for quick reference, including key legal rules, guidance and case law.

It contains also an extended analysis, with detailed evidence, of NHS continuing healthcare over the last 30 years up to the present. This is critical in order to understand why the rules are so complex, confusing and sometimes disregarded, and why decisions can seem counter-intuitive, unfair and difficult to challenge.

The book is essential reading to assist the making of decisions that are fair, lawful and transparent.


Michael Mandelstam:
Michael Mandelstam has provided independent legal training for over 20 years. Prior to this he worked at the Department of Health and, before that, at the Disabled Living Foundation. He has written many legal books on social care and health care matters. He holds postgraduate qualifications in law, information studies and the history of science and medicine.