A Distrustful Baron

A Distrustful Baron

Amaya Evans


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Pippa Comte is a beautiful woman of Italian descent, whose father is one of the most important men in New York, due to the enormous fortune he made with much sacrifice years ago. She has been given the best things since she was born and is a woman accustomed to luxury and whims. She is about to reach her fairytale end, marrying the man of her life, when due to circumstances of destiny, the wedding is suspended and her father makes arrangements to marry her with a nobleman in England, whom she fears and that He seems to hate her.
Alan Sullyard, is the new heir for a few months, the title of Baron Latimer that belonged to his late uncle. Until recently he was a retired captain of the army with a modest pension that allowed him to survive without pretensions, luxuries and a horrible scar on his face, which has become a permanent memory of his passage through military life. One day he meets Pippa and is enchanted with his beauty and elegance. Not even in his craziest fantasies can a woman like that be imagined for him, although that doesn't mean he can't dream of having her. She does not even determine it when she meets him, however a few days later, Pippa's father makes an offer that he cannot refuse.


Amaya Evans:
Amaya Evans is a writer in the romance genre. She loves to write novels with contemporary and historical themes. She also tends to integrate time travel into her novels since it is a subject that has always fascinated her. She has written several novels in Spanish including a contemporary series called Massages at Home, which both European readers and American readers liked a lot. Among her historical regency novels, she has some titles like Love at Second Sight, I Remember and Marked Hearts. Among her historical novels of the American West, she has written the series Brides of the West, which talks about the subject of mail order brides but include time travel.
Amaya loves to write at any time and in any place and she always carries her little notebook in case some idea goes through her mind or if she sees something that inspires her for a new novel. She lives happily with her family in a small town near the capital, loves to make desserts and has a garden that is her pride. She has a huge house. She would love to have 20 cats and 20 dogs because she hates to go out and see so many homeless animals.