Eternally Pérola

Eternally Pérola

Barbara Ricch


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Pérola is a hard worker and works hard to help with the expenses of the house and take care of her special adopted daughter. She meets a charming man who promises her love, certain that she is reciprocated, leaves with her boyfriend for an international trip, but upon arriving at her destination, she discovers that love never existed and was just another victim of the international trafficking of women. Samil, is an Arab sheik, a beautiful and upright man, knows Pérola in an unusual way. Touched by his situation, he decides to help her return to her country, but since the first encounter something has changed in her feelings. He gets confused and decides to stay away, but circumstances bring them back together, and this time the attraction is inevitable. Pérola and Samil will live a torrid romance, but they will have to face many obstacles for love to prevail, including the difference in culture. Will this love be strong enough?


Barbara Ricch:
Barbara Ricch
Brazilian writer, passionate about reading and novels since she was 13 years old, she graduated in Letters - Portuguese Language at the Federal University of Pará, works as a teacher and felt the need to start writing when she missed something different in today's novels. From this need, she began writing her first novel, with a mixture of emotions that emerge at each chapter.