Through the Maze of Chartres on the Path to Yourself

Through the Maze of Chartres on the Path to Yourself

A spiritual journey

Petra Liermann


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The book describes how to use the maze on the floor of Chartres Cathedral as a template for further development in one's spiritual life. 
Every labyrinth is a challenge - just like our lives. The Chartres labyrinth is a real gold mine of resources on the way to ourselves. Not only the walk inside, but every petal in the middle of it stands for a teaching that can already be found in the Our Father. If you walk through the labyrinth with all six petals and reach the middle, which stands for the essence and the source of love, you have completed a perfect spiritual exercise.  


Petra Liermann:
Petra Liermann was born in Dortmund, Germany, in  1971. She studied in Berlin and worked for the government until she decided to start a new life in Egypt in 2002. Forced to flee with her daughter to Germany, she started a new life there in 2011. 
After receiving counselling and learning Reiki, she was able to understand the relationship between thinking, behavior and the energy system and the experiences people have. Years of study allowed her to start writing books to tell other people about this. 
She is now writing books and working as a lecturer and counsellor. She believes that she has a message to tell, not only in German, but in English as well. This English-language translation should help her to become better known throughout the world.