Ticker Tape Two

Ticker Tape Two

J. M. Butler


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Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Of course you have. Every time you speak to your pet and it cocks its ears and tilts its head from side to side, and looks at you with a puzzled expression, you probably thought to yourself, “Do you understand me? I wish I knew what you are thinking! Well, you are finally going to find out. At least from a pet groomers point of view. No, groomers are not mind readers, but rather they read the animals body language and watch for signs of stress and anxiety. And the first visit is probably the most important part of the grooming process. On that first visit the groomer gets to know the owner and what he/she expects out of the groom. The groomer must first make certain that the pet has had all of its immunization shots, especially if the pet is still a puppy. At this point the groomer should discuss life-style and grooming habits. For example, a long-haired pet such as a Maltese requires daily brushing AND COMBING to maintain that beautiful long, white coat. But if the owner neglects to do daily maintenance on the pet then the groomer must inform the owner of the possibility of an extra charge for de-matting or recommend a shorter, more manageable haircut. But I could go on and on about the grooming profession; However, I thing you would prefer to get on with the poetry. In this book I’m going to include some bathing tips and some cat poetry, I hope. And possible a story that I think you might like. So, I hope you enjoy my second effort.


J. M. Butler:
J. M. Butler, after serving 20 years in the U. S. Navy, retired to Hot Springs, Arkansas with her husband and to be near their children. Unfortunately, after only two years of retirement, Mrs. Butler lost her husband to colon cancer. Rather than go back into the military she decided to open a pet grooming shop where she offered Do-It-Yourself services along with professional grooming. So for the next 20+ years, Mrs. Butler wrote humorous poetry about her “furry” clients. J.M.Butler believes that laughter has a curing element, so by the time you reach the end of her book, you should be a very healthy person.