Secret Miracles of Therese, Jude and Blaise

Secret Miracles of Therese, Jude and Blaise

Juanita De Guzman Gutierrez BSED MSED


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I was about to choke on a big tilapia fish bone. The long bone was lodged opposite on either side of my throat. And each time , I breathe, the bone just got stuck inside my tonsils all the more! Then, I suddenly remembered to pray to Saint Blaise, and a great miracle happened! I prayed for nine days to Saint Therese of Lisieux. Therese is famous for answering prayers with the signs of roses . And on the ninth day, a man was waiting at the bus stop with a bouquet of roses. He said it was for me! I made a nine day prayer to Saint Jude. And I promised him that if my prayers will be granted that I will make him known. My prayers were granted and this is the reason why I am writing this book. And that is to spread the goodness of these three Ascended Masters, Galactic Stars, Avatars, we call saints. So you can all experience and live them in your reality, as well. If not so, already. And the powerful prayers or conversations or mantra to Therese, Blaise, and Jude are also in this book. Or, you also, can make your own words to acknowledge and communicate to them of your good intents for the good of mankind and of your own magnificent self. Most of all. Read the many more stories of miracles that I had personally experienced of these three fellow Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, just as we are; known as Saints. And they are Saint Therese, Saint Jude, and Saint Blaise. It is because the God Source Energy is within inside of you and me. We are all Royalties as the Creator Source is home in our wonderful and compassionate hearts and brilliant and powerful minds. This is the reason why our heads is called Temple. And our hearts pulsate with love. As God Source is Love. “God is Love. And all who live in Love abides in God. And God lives in him or her,” as the scriptures state.