Return to Dignity

Return to Dignity

An Anthology of Horse Rescue Stories

Krissi Miller


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Krissi has worn many titles with respect to horses. She is horse owner and caregiver, horse and rider trainer, mounted search and rescuer, and mounted police horse trainer, but one of her favorite titles is horse rescuer. She and her best beloved, Wedgfire, have worked to bring many horses out of the darkness of abuse and neglect and into new lives free from indignity and mistreatment. Over the years, Krissi has written down stories of real horse rescues in which she and Fire have taken part. Some of them are included in this anthology to inform and enlighten her readers. The work of many is needed to restore lives of dignity to all the horses in need of second chances. Krissi believes there is a part of horse rescue for everyone. She invites her readers to discover what that part is for them in order to continue this wonderful task of bringing horses out of darkness and into Light.


Krissi Miller:
Krissi lives with one husband, several dogs which are affectionately referred to as “The Littles” and “The Bigs”, and the beloved occupants of her “Horse Hotel”. Wedgfire Farm is the name of this wonderful Kingdom of Love and horse happiness, and it a legacy of that truly immortal horse himself, the great Wedgfire. Krissi is often known to say that the “other man” in her life has always been a sassy coal black beauty with a heart of “Fire” and a soul as rare and radiant as the star from which he fell and to which he returned after he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. That Wedgfire Star is located at coordinates 1h 40m 15.3s, -24 degrees 50” 46.1” Krissi asks you to be sure to take a moment to say “Hello” to him the next time you find yourself admiring a beautiful starry night. He’s up there looking down and blessing the hearts of all who have ever loved a horse or helped one to find a happy life.