Spirit Tech

Spirit Tech

The Brave New World of Consciousness Hacking and Enlightenment Engineering

Wesley J. Wildman, Ph.D, Kate J. Stockly, Ph.D.


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Featuring a Foreword by Mikey Siegel, founder of Consciousness Hacking.

Technology can now control the spiritual experience. This is a journey through the high-tech aids for psychological growth that are changing our world, while exploring the safety, authenticity and ethics of this new world.

We already rely on technology to manage our health, sleep, relationships, and finances, so it’s no surprise that we’re turning to technological aids for the spiritual journey. From apps that help us pray or meditate, to cybernauts seeking the fast track to nirvana through magnetic brain stimulation, we are on the brink of the most transformative revolution in the practice of religion: an era in which we harness the power of “spirit tech” to deepen our experience of the divine.

Spirit tech products are rapidly improving in sophistication and power, and ordinary people need a trustworthy guide. Through their own research and insiders’ access to the top innovators and early adopters, Wesley J. Wildman and Kate J. Stockly take you deep inside an evolving world:

- Find out how increasingly popular “wearables” work on your brain, promising a shortcut to transformative meditative states.
- Meet the inventor of the “God Helmet” who developed a tool to increase psychic skills, and overcome fear, sadness, and anger.
- Visit churches that use ayahuasca as their sacrament and explore the booming industry of psychedelic tourism.
- Journey to a mansion in the heart of Silicon Valley where a group of scientists and entrepreneurs are working feverishly to bring brain-based spirit tech applications to the masses.
- Discover a research team who achieved brain-to-brain communication between individuals thousands of miles apart, harnessing neurofeedback techniques to sync and share emotions among group members.

Spirit Tech offers readers a compelling glimpse into the future and is the definitive guide to the fascinating world of new innovations for personal transformation, spiritual growth, and pushing the boundaries of human nature.


Wesley J. Wildman, Ph.D:
WESLEY J. WILDMAN, Ph.D. is the author of over a dozen books, including God Is… Meditations on the Mystery of Life, the Purity of Grace, the Bliss of Surrender, and the God Beyond God. He has also authored more than one hundred articles and is a professor of philosophy, religion, theology, and ethics at Boston University. He is also Executive Director of the Center for Mind and Culture. A profile of one of his projects ranked as the #1 trending article at The Atlantic online for some time after its publication, and an article on using artificial intelligence to predict religious conflict was covered by more than a dozen news outlets, including the BBC, Science Daily, The Telegraph, and Vice: Motherboard. A full description of his publication credits, research projects, numerous web sites, and diverse outreach activities can be found on his website.|||KATE J. STOCKLY, Ph.D. is a research fellow at the Center for Mind and Culture. In addition to Spirit Tech, she is co-author of High on God: How Megachurches Won the Heart of America, which analyzes the embodied bio-socio-cultural aspects of megachurch practices.