Challenges in Detection Approaches for Forensic Science

Challenges in Detection Approaches for Forensic Science


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Forensic science combines analytical science with the requirements of law enforcement agencies and legislation. This can often pose challenges within the development of novel analytical methods, particularly with the drive to have more in-field and in-situ applications to facilitate the investigation of criminal cases. This book will explore the specific challenges encountered by forensic scientists and the developments that are being made to address these within the framework of the legislative requirements. It will provide a critical appraisal of the current challenges facing analytical approaches for the detection of forensic evidence and the state of the art technologies used to address these challenges.
Providing an excellent combination of current research and how this pertains to forensic investigations, the book will also highlight key obstacles within this ever-changing environment. Aimed at graduates and forensic professionals, this is a unique oversight of the current work being undertaken within the development of analytical methods and also in the interpretation of complex crime scene samples.