Eureka! The Biography of an Idea

Laura Driscoll


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Say "Cheese!" Around the world, millions of pictures are taken every second. Here is a "biography" of the camera, an essential invention that helps people capture the world around them!

From the great Chinese thinker Mozi to Aristotle to Louis Daguerre and George Eastman, people have noticed the interesting effects of light passing through a small opening--the basic idea of a camera. Camera is a fun and informative look at an invention that makes a huge difference in our lives. This STEAM nonfiction title is part of the new Eureka! series, with each book focusing on one groundbreaking, world-changing discovery that millions of people use every single day.


Laura Driscoll:
A former editor, Laura Driscoll is the author of many books for kids, both fiction and nonfiction, such as The Bravest CatFrogsI Want to Be a Doctor, and for Kane Press, Slow Down, Sara and The Blast-Off Kid.

Hector Borlasca studied to become a lawyer, but discovered his real passion in illustration. His bright, colorful books for kids include Buenos Dias AnitaBig Kid ShoesYiddish Saves the Day, and the I Can Read, Jesus Loves Me. He lives in Argentina with his wife and daughter. You can view more of Hector's work at