His Marvelous Light

His Marvelous Light

The Secrets of the Kingdom

W.D. Broughton


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Every day, we suffer racial divides, social injustices, and even racially motivated crimes all because of the color of our skin. But there are very few books that focus on why there are so many nationalities and skin tones.

Ancient mysteries are solved in this book that seeks to help us end social injustice. Get answers to questions such as:

• How does God reveal Himself to men living in ignorance?

• Why were stones handed down to children in ancient Jewish culture?

• What does the Holy Spirit say about why we are so many different colors?

• Is there a hidden history of black people in the Bible?

The Lord’s marvelous light dismantles the opinions of ancient philosophies as it reveals controversial knowledge based on the foundation of a towering structure that promotes justice and peace for everyone who enters.

Hidden away from hell and mankind are sealed secrets that have been reserved to defeat the darkness. Racism, social injustice, and oppression are not ready for what is about to be unearthed and revealed by His Marvelous Light.


W.D. Broughton:

W.D. Broughton is a minister, prophet, teacher, and motivational speaker focused on understanding the Scriptures through the Holy Spirit. He is the co-founder of Living In Truth Ministries (LIT), an evangelistic organization that focuses on how to authentically become sons of God. A gifted electrician and electronics technician, he and his wife ran a successful satellite services business. He now works for a major carrier and enjoys reading, creative carpentry, and the sizzle of a juicy steak on an open grill. He lives in Alabama with his wife.