Your Perspective or God’s Perspective?

Your Perspective or God’s Perspective?

A Collection of Poems for Encouraging God’s Perspective

Desreen Clarke-Miller


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Do you recognize that your ‘overwhelming’ problems are miniscule when you view them from God’s perspective? The author knows that her perspective means sleepless nights due to worry and anxiety, but God’s perspective means that she can rest knowing that He can turn any and every situation around for good.
These insightful poems address common and often challenging life experiences that you may be able to identify with. Here is your reminder that God can come through for you regardless of your demographic. You can trust Him.
This book consists of fifty heartfelt poems, each with an appropriate scripture verse: experiential and uncomplicated, yet profound. Read, re-read, recite, meditate, enjoy, and share.
Be encouraged to embrace God’s truth and choose His perspective – the one where the impossible becomes possible.


Desreen Clarke-Miller:

Desreen Clarke-Miller is a woman of faith with a career ranging from teaching to administration from her homeland of Jamaica to Ontario, Canada where she currently resides. Life’s challenges over the years have not been wasted. They have helped her to change her thought process and to realize that God’s perspective, not hers, is the right choice. God has gifted her with the ability to share in poetry, the benefits of His perspective.
Desreen enjoys an amazing twenty-five-year marriage to Michael and gave birth to two children. Mikaelia, to whom she dedicated ‘Destined for Greatness’ is currently in graduate school endeavoring to make an impact for Christ in her generation. Kevaughn, her first born succumbed to a brain aneurism while in college, a most traumatic experience which led to the poem, ‘The Day I Died,’ one which she hopes will encourage someone who has suffered such devastating loss.
It is her desire that God will use this collection of poems to encourage others to choose His perspective.